Ink Creations is a 100% Australian, family owned company, competing nationally in the large format digital print market.
Boasting state of the art technology, our capabilities are only capped by your imagination.

Being able to print directly onto most flat substrates helps our clients set themselves above their competitors. By using our 3D textured print processes, we can bring almost every printed marketing campaign to life.
Our 1200 dpi quality not only enhances your piece digitally but the textured finish makes it feel almost real.
The results are amazing !

Please let us help you become the leader you want to be ??????
Substrates: Timber, Metal, Glass, Polly Propylene, Glass, Acrylic, Tile, etc

What is a UV Printer

What is UV printing you ask ?

UV printing is a very similar mechanical process to that traditional flatbed printing. The only real difference is in the ink drying process and its acquired benefits.
With traditional printing, the drying process is heat related leaving the image wet, tacky and unusable for days.

However, with UV printing, the drying process is actually a Photo Chemical Reaction due to intense UV light being applied at the time of printing. Thus within seconds, the printed image area is instantly dry and hardened. Which then becomes more resistant to scratching, wear and tear, UV sunlight etc???.

At Ink Creations, we truly believe that this Ultraviolet printing process will become the norm within the industry. The positives are just too great for it not to be.

Without even mentioning being able to print in a 3D textured finish, our ability to print directly onto various flat substrates, ink drying speed, 1200 dpi print quality producing exceptionally sharper / crisper images should get the creative juices flowing in any marketing team.



Bearing in mind traditional printing inks and solvents are mostly toxic and extremely harmful to the environment.

UV inks however do not require solvents therefore contribute a much less negative impact on Global Warming by significantly reducing the methane and greenhouses gases released into out atmosphere.

Ink Creations is continually searching for avenues to reduce our environmental footprint.

The UV process releases no VOCs making it much safer for the environment, benefiting all of us.
UV printing produces NO dangerous chemicals that are on the list of regulated Hazardous Air Pollutants produced by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The UV printing process surpasses all the EPA emissions standards. The benefits of UV print being insoluble means it is put into landfill it remains a solid and doesn???t biodegrade back into the environment. Clean technology without any (VOCs) thereby preserving the environment.